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Spinal Flow Technique

Gentle and powerful, Spinal Flow Technique identifies and releases blockages caused by physical, chemical and emotional tension.  By making contact to 33 access points on the spine, a spinal wave travels all the way from the coccyx to the sacrum through the spine, enhancing the communication and integrity of your nervous system. Your nervous system is the conduit of consciousness. Your nervous system is what allows you to interact with your world, both internally and externally.   

Spinal Flow is founded by Dr Carli Axford (Chiropractor of 20 years) and is based on cutting-edge science and foundational healing arts.

Spinal Flow is not intended to cure any symptom or illness, however people often report improvements in physical pains such as headaches, migraines, back pain, neck pain, digestive issues, sleep, anxiety and depression.

Spinal Flow activates the natural intelligence in our nervous system that we all have to heal what needs to be healed, reconnects your heart and mind, and brings ease and balance back to your life.







*〜*〜*〜 Spinal Flow Rates 〜*〜*〜*


Initial Consultation & 60 minute Spinal Flow Session   $94 

* Your appointment will include a thorough body assessment uncovering blockages and layers of stress, and a long Spinal Flow session to commence dissipating these blockages and layers.


6 or 12 follow up session  ( 45 minutes )  $62 ( tax is included)

Also we have a package deal.

*These visits are for clients who have committed to 12 visit program

6 or 12 package deal $47 x 6 = $282, or $47 x12= $564

*I recommend 12 follow up sessions, but you can still choose how many times you want to come in.


*Signature healing session

Spinal Flow with short massage  ( 45 minute SF / 30 minute massage  ) $109 ( tax included)


                                                       * Massage followed after Spinal Flow session.





Spinal Flow Sessions are available by Eika.  

She is a certified Spinal Flow Practitioner by Dr Carli Axford.