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Kevin Tsunoda LMT

Kevin is trained in Swedish, Kiso Method, Sports Massage, and Myofascial Trigger Point Release.  While his method is an intuitive blend from numerous teachers he has been privileged to work with and learn from, he credits his core fundamental of "identify, isolate, and treat" to the tutelage of his beloved Kumu, Lindsey Kapu of Pa' Ola Lomilomi.  Come, "talk story," and experience his unique style as an ever-evolving guide to your body-awareness.         



Sunisa Kaplan LMT

Sunisa Kaplan specializes in very Deep Tissue Massage, with an intuitive focus honed by disciplined schooling in Traditional Thai Massage in her native Thailand. Attention is always paid to your areas of complaint, followed by a balancing full body treatment. Whether you opt for a Traditional Thai Massage (clothed, incorporates stretching and pressure point work--90-minute sessions only) or just need a therapeutic unwinding, Sunisa is widely known for her uncanny ability to " find it and fix it."  She also is available for Reflexology (foot specific pressure point treatment and addresses full body organ systems).



Ayaka Costa LMT

Ayaka Costa specializes in traditional LomiLomi and deep tissue massage. She received instruction on Oahu under Kumu Sheila O'Mailey (a favorite student of renowned Aunty Margaret). Her soothing style is complimented by a keen knowledge of Swedish Massage and Aromatherapy.  Ayaka's incorporation of traditional Hawaiian values into her massage will calmly invigorate your spirit, while also easing your mind and body.



Eika Ikehara Cain LMT

With a 20 year background study of meditation, energy work, esoteric Taoist practice, shamanism, and yoga, along with excellent instruction from her beloved Pa'Ola instructor, Lindsey Kapu and Hilo’s renowned Janet Deal, Eika’s bodywork incorporates a balanced combination of sound Swedish principles, Deep Tissue pressure, strengthened with an intuitive focus on tension release and muscle relief (especially in the neck area).  Feel Eika's unique method of positively influencing your energy system, inspired by her belief that “everyone has an innate ability to heal oneself.”   

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